*Permanent Makeup/Permanent Cosmetics/Micropigmentation   * Skin/Wrinkle Needling/Scar Relaxation    *Areola Tattooing

Q. What is Permanent Makeup?
A. Permanent Makeup is a medically developed procedure of implanting pigments into your skin to create a lasting cosmetic affect. Basically, it is putting the right color into the right place to help one look better naturally. Another term I like to use is Cosmetic Tattooing. Having the option to use both the Softap and Digital method gives me the opportunity to be more creative.

Q. Do your pigments contain any harmful dyes?
A. No, all of the Softap.com colors are free of FD&C and D&C dyes. Such dyes contain coal tar which is carcinogenic. I know also use pigments from Kolorsource.com which you can read about on their website. I do not use pigments that won’t list ingredients. I also perform a patch test on all my clients.

Q. How long will my makeup last?
A. It varies. Some people need a touch-up in 2-3 years and others in 10. The darker the color the longer it will stay. The more natural, delicate colors are oftentimes more vulnerable to the effects of sun (UV Rays), swimming and breakdown, caused by the body’s natural response.

Q. Can I go to work the next day?
A. You will look like you had a good cry several hours following the eyeliner. Eyebrows have the least swelling, and lipcolor involves temporary swelling. When a procedure is completed, the color will appear darker than the final result. This is due to the oxidation that takes place and because the color is in both the epidermis and the dermis. It takes anywhere from 5 to 7 days to heal. Once the the top layer flakes off during the healing process, the overall area lightens.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. No, this procedure is virtually painless. The Softap method is the most comfortable method on the market. Also, topical anesthetic shave been developed especially for these procedures.

Q. How can I be sure I won’t get an infection?
A. I use prepackaged single-use dated sterile needles. Aftercare ointment and instructions will be sent home with you as well.

Q. What is Skin/Wrinkle Needling?

First of all It’s a great natural alternative for those opposed to injectables.

A.*Skin Needling (dry tatt ooing) promotes your own natural re-production of the main elements “collagen” and “elastin” , making the skin appear smooth, tight and more youthful in appearance. The texture of the skin and large pores are drastically improved. Tissue adhesion under scars and wrinkles are released allowing collagen and elastin to rise to the surface optimizing the the repair and rapid healing.

Q. What is the cost?
A. Call or email for pricing. Consultations are free and follow-up visit will also be included. You have 4 months to return for a follow-up visit, and one must wait about 5 weeks after the initial procedure was done for the follow-up.

Q. When are your hours?
A.  Hours are by appointment only. I suggest to call about 7 to 10 days ahead of time.

Q. Are you licensed and insured?
A.  Yes, I am licensed and insured which means I am registered with the Health Department and have taken my Bloodborne Pathogen training required. In addition to learning with Softap in the year of 1998, I recently attend more classes for extra credits on Dry Neelding, Freshening up on Permanent Cosmetics, Scalp Stippling, Areola Tattooing  and Scar Relaxation with Kolorsource. I am also a member of the SPCP.

Consultations are always free!